Configuring Vector

Vector is designed around being highly configurable for server hosts to tweak their server in the way they want.

Vector Core Settings - vectorsettings.json
  • websocketenabled - Enables/disables websocket functionality (Remote Admin)
  • websocketurl - URL of the WebSocket/Remote Admin server.
  • entrymsgenabled - Enables welcome message on player join.
  • entrymsgtype - Selects the type of message to present to the player. Can be msgbox or chatmsg.
  • entrymsgtext - The text that will be shown to the player when they enter the server. For the client’s name, append {CLIENT}, and for line breaks use n.
  • servername - Name of the server that will be shown in join/leave chat messages. This does not conflict with the servername parameter in Barotrauma’s serversettings.xml.
  • banrefresh - How frequently the banlist should be reloaded to honor any changes made externally.
  • roundstartmessagesenabled - Enables round start messages in chat.
  • roundstartmessages - Round start messages (one per line separated with ,)
  • tipsenabled - Enables round end tips.
  • tips - The tips (one per line separated with ,)
  • additionalbannedmsg - Append additional text after the “You have been banned” message, with appeal links/etc
  • gblenabled - Enables operation of the Vector global banlist.
  • chatcommandprefix - Prefix for the chat commands that Vector includes.
  • nofamilysharing - Enables/Disables access for players that are using family sharing.
  • sharingwhitelist - If “No Family Sharing” is enabled, you can whitelist SteamID’s that are using Family Sharing here.

AutoMod Settings - automod.json
  • enabled - Enables/disables the AutoMod function.
  • level - The alert level of AutoMod. Can be set to all or admins. If set on admins, AutoMod will only alert admins, If set on all, AutoMod will alert all players.
  • items - Triggers an AutoMod alert if these items are used.
  • throwables - Triggers an AutoMod alert if these items are thrown.
  • curelist (deprecated) - Triggers an AutoMod alert if one causes an affliction on themself, and they cure themself of that particular affliction.
  • socket - Enables remote admin functionality.

Permission Settings - permissions.json

These settings relate to a permission set by Barotrauma. The Barotrauma permissions are:

  • None
  • ManageRound
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Unban
  • SelectSub
  • SelectMode
  • ManageCampaign
  • ConsoleCommands
  • ServerLog
  • ManageSettings
  • ManagePermissions
  • KarmaImmunity
  • All