Chat Commands

Vector includes chat commands so you can do server tasks more easier.

The default chat command prefix is “/”, however you can change this in Data\vectorsettings.json.

Command List

  • kick Player:Reason - Kick a player.
  • endround - End the round.
  • broadcast message - Send a message to the server.
  • report reason - Send a report using Remote Admin.
  • pm Player:Message - Send a private message to a player.
  • sub - Show the current submarine you are playing.
  • server - Show the current server you are playing.
  • incognito - Enter/leave Incognito Mode.
  • viewhistory Player - View a player’s AutoMod history.
  • savehistory Player - Save a player’s AutoMod history to the serverlogs.

Admin Channel

You can chat with other admins in game by using a; or admin; just like a normal channel in Barotrauma.